My Story

I'm passionate about helping others and joining them in their journey of change.   It brings me joy and purpose.   I've experienced this in a profound way as I lived in the Philippines and did volunteer work for a year.  I've also chosen this as my career path.   I've been in special education for twelve years.  I have loved working with children and helping them overcome obstacles and achieve personal success.

So, when I heard about Neuroptimal, naturally I was intrigued.  Neuroptimal is  a powerful tool to reteach the brain and change lives.  This seems to align harmoniously with who I am and my passion in life. 

I've experienced personally in my own life and with others in my inner circle how Neuroptimal has had a positive impact.  I continue to hear more and more stories from others on how Neuroptimal has made in a difference.  And that is why I'm thrilled to be able to bring Neuroptimal to the central valley and to empower others in their journey to become their optimal self!